Derol Lips And Blush Color Changing Rouge

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Derol Lips And Blush Color Changing Rouge

  • Color Changing Rouge for Cheek&Lips : Don’t want to apply makeup but want a fresh complexion? Want a more natural radiant glow makeup effect? If you answer is YES then this color changing cheek and lips balm is a must-have for you! The paste is transparent, contains nourishing ingredient, suitable for both cheek and lips, moisturizing the lips and skin while giving them a natural healthy glow. Show a fresh complexion at anytime even without makeup!
  • Natural and Nourishing : The beeswax and tocopherol included in the formula can nourish the skin and lips, lock up moisture, super suitable for the coming winter. Not greasy on the skin, let the skin breathe freely. The paste is very soft, blend with the skin well and thereby show a more natural finish effect.
  • Nice Texture & Glossy Finish: The paste is soft and smooth, easy to push away evenly. After applying, it will show a natural pink and shimmer look, shape the contours of the face, make you look radiant. If you want a hazy matte effect, you can apply a layer of loose powder on it. Waterproof and sweatproof. Its excellent holding power ensuring the keeping of the rosy glow all day long, never worry about that it will smudge. To be the eyes-catcher, start from now on.
  • Super Convenien:  It is very easy to apply. Simply apply suitable amount on the cheek and lips so you can get a fresh complexion. When you don’t have time to apply makeup, it will be a good helper for you to keep a nice looking. Also the color will change according to your temperature and Ph Value, so you don’t have to worry that the color doesn’t fit you. Everybody can find your personal color here!
  • Notice: Due to oxidation reaction, the surface of the balm may show a layer of red color when you first open it. This is a normal phenomenon and can be used with confidence.
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